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Our hub is in beautiful Victoria, BC.

While our HUB is in Victoria, BC, we feel that creativity, motivation and innovation are encouraged by a flexible environment, location, and working hours.  Our goal is to foster increased employee satisfaction, engagement, well-being, and work life balance.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You love a fun, relaxed, respectful and supportive work environment.

  • You share your knowledge freely and you thrive on mentorship and a strong team environment, with top-notch “sane” project management.

  • You are resourceful and creative.

  • You are energized by fresh new technologies, domains and people and love learning.

  • You want your work to be meaningful.

  • You interact with your customers and end users as much as possible and like going on site occasionally.

  • You fearlessly dive into new technologies and shamelessly flex your muscles on the ones you know.

  • You love heads down focus and smashing through gnarly technical challenges, but you also crave the bigger picture that comes with understanding the customer’s business and functional needs.

  • You think like a project manager and a business analyst too.

  • You like variety and appreciate the value of Agile methodology.

  • You seek to improve by understanding the value of clean code, code reviews and retrospectives.

  • You “own your own experience” at work and you create a professional yet fun and positive work environment.

  • You have the spark! You are extraordinary. And you believe that extraordinary performance should be rewarded.


We want to hear from you!

While we don't currently have a specific job opening, we are constantly meeting new customers with diverse requirements.  We are always accepting resumes.

We are looking for creative problem solvers to work on software, firmware, websites, and web applications.  We also have roles in testing and QA.  


Whether you are a senior developer or just getting started,  we would really like to meet you.  Please get in touch and we can begin to get to know each other.

Didn't find the position you're looking for? 
We always want to hear from you - Tell us why you're our next ROK star

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