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custom software created to support hardware

Software FOR Hardware

Custom Software FOR hardware is the set of instructions which enables the hardware to perform a specific set of tasks.   Custom Software for Hardware would include; HMI, Manufacturing, Run-time control and monitoring, local and remote IoT.


We are experts in this field and have developed a process to leverage that knowledge.  Our process includes the following steps to ensure a successful outcome :


  • Designate a project manager:  Often overlooked and an afterthought, our experience shows that this is one of the most important steps in successful project development.  This should be someone with a committed active role, that has a wide view of the project, corporate guidelines and objectives.

  • Collaborate from the beginning:  Avoid the inconsistencies of decoupling the hardware and software development, saving you time and money and delivering one holistic vision.

  • Leverage the right tooling:  Using the right tools at your disposal can be the difference between a successful outcome to project development and one that takes far too long and costs far too much.  We’ve developed a process that we call “The ROK Way”.  Designed to engage and collaborate with full transparency and accountability. 

Business Process Improvements

Website Development

Custom Software to improve or unlock the value in our customers' businesses, is fundamental to the work we have done for many of our clients. 


Some businesses have legacy processes or even manual systems to manage inventory or supplier information, which at times would cause redundancy, errors or lack of real-time information in order to make critical business issues.  


Providing custom software to integrate disparate systems or programs with our customer's  ERP, such as a supply chain digital transformation strategy, will improve efficiency, remove redundancies and eliminate decision making on old information.  We have seen immense value realized by our customer's in the development of these custom solutions.  

Through our SMALLBOX arm, we have a depth of experience in the area of website development creating customized web solutions to streamline your business process and deliver improved consumer and administrator experiences that include:


  • User stories, user experiences and user interface designs. 

  • Defining your audience and how to engage them.

  • SEO & digital marketing delivering remarkable ROI.

improving manual processes with custom software
custom software to create websites
Consultancy to create custom software to develop technical roadmaps

Technical Roadmap Consultancy

Often we are asked to provide a technical roadmap for a product/project or system.  The extensive group of professionals at ROK have a great deal of experience that crosses a wide variety of industries, and the overview and analysis we can provide, will make the difference between solving the 'right' problem vs the risks and costs to solving the 'wrong' problem.


Our process is the development of a flexible and customized planning initiative that is meant to support strategic and long-range goals.  


It is a plan that applies to a new product or process and may include using technology forecasting or technology scouting to identify suitable emerging technologies.  Whether our consultation is used to help companies survive turbulent environments or help them plan a more holistic way towards their goals, working with ROK supports a drive towards a more sustainable corporate development.  Our network can also help support the 'contract staffing" requirements to also fulfill project or program needs.  

smallbox website development

We go above and beyond

Just some of the great things we hear from our clients.
"They are clear communicators and were responsive to any changes that we required along the way. The team is highly skilled and we continue to work with them."

Yunquan (Ian) Chen
"We have been very satisfied working with ROK. One of the key things is their flexibility. They have always been very flexible with our work, in that we could scale up or down where we needed to. Some other companies would not extend that level of flexibility."

Esko Marketing/Blue
Luke Niedjalski

"We have been working with ROK since 2016 and they continue to be a valuable partner in the execution of both our software and firmware projects. Each initiative and project had its unique set of challenges and solutions provided by ROK. Working with ROK has always proven

successful and is why we continue to use them."

Corvus Energy
Chi Tsang

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