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Just a few examples of our current work

Corvus Energy deploys large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) using advanced lithium-ion battery systems.  Corvus Energy systems are also used in hybrid port cranes, electric light rail vehicles, hybrid trains, commercial vehicles, and an ever-expanding range of applications that demand exceptional battery performance. Corvus Energy systems have helped significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 / GHG emissions, providing operators with impressive ROI along with global recognition for clean energy leadership. 



Corvus needed to enhance existing software to support the next generation of hardware that required a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for use on a built-in display. The challenge was that existing software was not created for HMI usage, and needed to be adapted to include HMI functionality to support a beta version field test for the next generation of hardware.



Starting with an assessment of requirements and goals, ROK not only provided strategic solutions-based approach, but also feedback on task definition and prioritization. The solution was to add a new operational interface mode on top of existing software that ROK had been developing. This required work in both software development and interface design which were both handled by ROK.​

ViVitro Labs Inc. offers industry-leading cardiovascular test equipment and related laboratory testing and consulting services. Hundreds of organizations in over 40 countries for 40+ years have trusted ViVitro's expertise, accuracy, and quality for a broad range of contract testing services including catheters, guidewires, stents and other innovative cardiovascular devices.



A variety of software products supported a few core hardware products. The code was “piecemeal” with duplication and interdependencies between builds. ViVitro wanted to restructure the code into common shared components abstracted from the product-specific business logic and user interfaces.


ROK Software was engaged to review and update the architecture without disturbing the current functionality or user experience.  The result was to abstract functionality into common libraries which could be released independently of product builds.

Creation Technologies is an award-winning global electronics manufacturing services provider, with a proven track record of helping OEM customers increase profitability, reduce risk, improve their customer satisfaction and time-to-revenue.


Managing a number of separate business units, many purchasers operating out of different locations and a centralized procurement department, required a review of the methods in which they were handling these functions.  The system was very complex, with many internal stakeholders who were also involved in any new solution.  There was no off the shelf solution that could act as a system portal. 



ROK created a system to support the transactions between purchasers and  suppliers. This increased efficiency and decreased errors and redundancies.  During this engagement, a new priority emerged to centralize procurement which required a new tool, the "PSS Portal".

In both instances,  ROK started from business process modelling, ideating via wireframes (UX design), then Agile coding.  This supplier portal was instrumental in making it easier for suppliers to work with us.   The PSS Portal, was a huge success, unlocking efficiency with the centralized purchaser team, and providing workflow to other stakeholders within Creation, so they could effectively and robustly handle variances (change requests) and hidden part shortages (emergencies on the production floor)​.




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