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Hi, We're ROK

ROK Software is a Victoria-based software consultancy specializing in building software in a hardware environment. 



Our mission is to continually increase business value for our customers, produce the 'right' solutions that our  customers can trust, creatively solve complex problems, and support innovation in the software FOR hardware space.




Our vision is to be the most respected, trusted, and preferred software consulting firm in the industry by providing the highest quality service, to unlock the potential within our customers' businesses.  



Have fun


Create & deliver value


Transparency, integrity, trust & respect

We enjoy our work, and the company of our co-workers and customers.  We create an environment where we want to go to work, because it’s fun.  Our customers enjoy working with us too.

We unlock business value for our customers by creating software to:

  • complete the software aspects of their hardware products


  • increase efficiency and robustness of their business workflows.

We treat people how we’d like to be treated.  Colleagues, customers, suppliers, everyone we interact with.


Customer understanding & empathy


Actively seek challenges & new experiences


Grateful customers

We understand our customers.  Their pain points: what gets them  up at 4AM.  We solve problems for them, which starts by understanding their primal motivations.

We also understand their landscape.  their business objectives and landscape, technical landscape and product domain, and constraints.  This “bigger picture” enables us to provide superior outcomes and make optimal decisions.  It enables us to “do the right thing”, which is not always what they’ve asked for, and provide leadership.

We enjoy being on the steep part of the learning curve, comfortable in the unknown.  We are energized by new challenges.  We, and our customers, are confident in our ability to learn quickly and figure things out.  We have a thirst for knowledge and hunger for new experiences.  

Our customers are glad they engaged with us.  Their entire journey is positive, from initial impression right through to us delivering stellar value and supporting it.  They recognize the value we deliver and they enjoy the experience.  They want more.  They recommend us and they call us back.

We work with them.  We do the right things and guide them towards asking for the right things.  We provide timely and professional communications, dependable/valuable results, and we navigate constraints effectively and collaboratively.

We also keep the relationships human and fun.


The ROK Software story starts with a passion and understanding for hardware products AND modern software development in a hardware environment.


Our deep familiarity with the nuances of connecting to, controlling and representing hardware, is a strong differentiator from the many other “general” software consultancies in the market.

This passion is combined with our excitement for "full stack" technology, from the electrical/mechanical hardware (remote sensing and control) through the firmware, IOT to cloud, and the HMIs and the web, mobile and desktop software applications that make the systems useful and provide user experiences to the hardware.  

And when it comes to supporting an ERP with a customized solutions, we focus developing technology to unlock business value.  Every time we replace an emailed spreadsheet or a paper/pen clipboard with web software, we are helping our customers be more successful and we have seen this happen time and time again.    


We are also motivated by GREAT project management.  We are truly excited by navigating the changes that reality throws our way, manoeuvring through over-constrained situations, delivering the right outcomes and engaging the stakeholders to arrive at the right endpoints. 

ROK Software was built to bring like-minded people together, people with the same passion, excitement and the same values.  An appreciation for flex time, flex location, interesting work, variety, love of learning, energized by solving complex problems and doing so in a nurturing and collaborative environment.


Want to know more about what we do? Here is the place to see what we can provide for you.

Check out some of our latest work. See where we have made a difference in our client's businesses.

Looking to become a part of ROK? See how here.

Let's Get Started

Let us provide you with a project assessments to understand your needs. Connect with us to see how ROK can help.

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