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Our Expertise is Custom Software


Software FOR Hardware


Business Process Improvements

Custom software and hardware are closely linked. Custom software for hardware would include; HMI, manufacturing, run-time control and monitoring, local and remote IOT (MORE)

Custom software to integrate disparate systems or programs with an ERP, such as a supply chain digital transformation strategy, will improve efficiency, remove redundancies and eliminate decision making on old information. (MORE)


Website Development

Customized website solutions development is performed through our SMALLBOX division. We create a seamless experience that adds value to our client's end user. (MORE)


Technical Roadmap Consultancy

ROK Software is a highly skilled and experienced group of professionals whose background spans a wide variety of industries and projects.  Access to this talent pool makes us valuable consultancy partners. (MORE)


Our Work


A software application and HMI for providing the "view into hardware".  The applications enable remote and on-site monitoring, service and configuration of innovative, complex, large-scale battery systems for marine applications. 


Innovative web portals to permit suppliers and buyers to collaborate in real-time with single-source-fo-truth data in a complex and dynamic purchasing landscape.  Efficiency and robustness were achieved by replacing an email and spreadsheet-based workflow.


User interface applications to execute tests sequences; control and configure the precision hardware to perform accelerated performance and wear testing of artificial heart valves.


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